Baking 101 (Vegan option provided)

If you're interested in learning the basics of baking, this is the class for you! Options for what to bake will be provided, followed by the list of tools, and the recipe needed to get baking. Length: 50 minutes One on One Price: $30 Group Price: $20 per student

Cupcake Decorating for Beginners

This class will teach you how to get those picture perfect buttercream swirls on your cupcakes! We will go over and use the basic piping tips used to achieve several simple cupcake designs. Length: 50 minutes One on One Price: $30 Group Price: $20

Decorating with Buttercream 101 (Vegan option provided)

Learn how to make your choice of American Buttercream, Swiss Meringue Buttercream, or Vegan Buttercream. This will be followed by the crumb coat, fill, and frost your cake workshop. Length: 1 hour One on One Price: $30 Group Price: $20

Buttercream Flowers

Here you will learn how to make gorgeous buttercream flowers that can be used to embellish many of your handmade desserts. We will go over how to make buttercream roses, pansies, daisies, peonies, orchids, ranunculus, and dahlias. Plus, learn how to color the icing to achieve a more realistic look! Length: 1 hour One on One Price: $30 Group Price: $20

Cake Decorating Class

Do you want to learn how to make your very own professionally decorated cake? Then this is the class for you. Here you can choose between 5 equally impressive designs to master. The options will be a drip cake, watercolor cake, sprinkle top cake, rosette cake, and a lovely buttercream flower cake. This is a fabulous option if you have an upcoming event or celebration you'd like to provide the centerpiece for. Length: 2 hours One on One Price: $60 Group Price $30

Chocolate Dreams Class

Ever wondered how to create impressive chocolate sails or decadent chocolate treats? This class will provide you with the knowledge of how to utilize all of chocolate's potential to impress any cocoa lover. We will learn how to make whipped chocolate ganache, ganache drip, shards, curls, molds, and sails. Length: 70 minutes One on One Price: $30 Group Price: $20

Starting Your Own Business

This class will provide you with the foundation of where to start your small business. Including, but not limited to: Making a menu, pricing, beginning your social media presence, and efficiently setting work hours to accommodate your other responsibilities. Length: 2 hours Price: $50

These classes allow you to learn the basics of baking and decorating—all from the comfort of your own home! Celine, the owner and operator of Goodness Bakery, will be your instructor. She's also available to answer any questions you may have after you take your class.

With each class, you will receive: A list of tools you need, the recipe for what we will be making (if applicable), access to our private Facebook group to share your creations, and ability to email your instructor.